Jr.-Sr. High School

Our School

Welcome to Otto-Eldred High School. Our students range from seventh graders to seniors, and we find that this age span makes for a fun and dynamic academic environment. Because of our small class sizes and excellent student-teacher ratios, we offer the kind of personalized educational experience that might not be possible for students attending larger high schools. 

With an eye on the future, our teachers and staff cultivate an atmosphere of growth that empowers our students to learn with purpose and take ownership of their choices. We encourage you to review the mission and values that drive our actions as teachers, staff, and students.

Our Mission

The mission of the Otto-Eldred School District is to maintain a safe, supportive, and healthy school environment in which to prepare and encourage students to pursue academic excellence and lead to exemplary, commendable lives. 

Our Values

  • We believe all students can learn and succeed given appropriate standards-based curriculum and researched-based instruction.
  • We believe staff and physical facilities should provide a supportive, safe, and secure environment in which to learn.
  • We believe each student is unique and that the educational experience should encourage and develop creativity and innovation.
  • We believe educational excellence must be supported by continuous evaluation of facilities and resources, engaging instructional practices, and effective use of technology.
  • We believe education is a lifelong pursuit, and students must be equipped with the skills for success to compete and thrive in a technology-driven global society.
  • We believe in dedication to excellence and high academic expectations while maintaining fiscal responsibility. 
  • We believe academic excellence is achieved through innovative and engaging instruction that is supported through continual and individualized professional development.
  • We believe education should promote gratitude over entitlement, character development, ethical behavior, and a positive self-image leading to being responsible citizens.
  • We believe effective leadership at all levels is essential to the success of our educational program.
  • We believe encouragement and support of innovation, flexibility, and creativity is necessary in order to successfully adapt to change.
  • We believe that the school, students, family, and community should have shared responsibility and shared decision-making in the educational process through collaboration and communication.
  • We believe excellence in all areas is identifiable, measurable, achievable, and worthy of pursuit.